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About Us

Fonte Travel Agency is a Destiny Management Company (DMC) specialized in the Triangle | The Azores, a cluster of three islands: Fayal – The Azores, Pico – The Azores and Sao Jorge – The Azores.

We have created specialized island virtual platforms which offers a wide range of accommodation facilities, leisure activities, restaurants and rent-a-car services provided by a diversity of hosts to suit your wishes.

From our websites you can do your own bookings. However, if you want our help, just send us an email with your preferred dates, lodging, activities, rent-a-car and services and we will advise you. We will make your stay wonderful and unforgettable, finding you the best prices and most exciting offers. We are a genuine Azorean company with names and faces you can find easily.

You don´t need to waste your time on Google! We have thought it all out for you with our local expertise.

The Team:

António Carrilho Simas Santos, MD is the founder and CEO of Fonte Travel. He founded this company in 2015 with the ambition and goal to bring more tourism to the Azores islands, the hidden treasure of Europe and to help accomodate the tourists interests and needs in the best way possible. Besides being the Founder of Fonte Travel, he is also the founder of Aldeia da Fonte Resort Hotel, Fonte Gourmet, Fonte Cuisine Restaurant and currently still practices medicine as a doctor at his private clinic located in Lajes do Pico. When he is not working he enjoys swimming, meditating and ioga.

They say:

“An ambitious goal oriented man that makes things happen”

Filipa Silva considered to be our head of sales and brains to our ongoing project. Passionate, not only about the travel agency but also passionate about our local gourmet store “Fonte Gourmet”. Filipa has been working for the company since April of 2017 and has most definately been a essencial part of the companies growth. Since working for Fonte travel, she has had several training sessions in many different areas, specifically sales, marketing and digital marketing. Out of the office she enjoys making jewelry and spending time with her family and friends.

They say:

“Most definately helpful during our visit to the islands”


Beatriz Ávila, the tech savvy one, who can fix anyone´s computer problems around the office. Beatriz studied public relations in the island of São Miguel, with backround in sales, marketing and advertising she takes care of our social media pages and makes sure to share great content with our customers and followers. Aside the social media trends she plays a key part in dealing with customer queries and helps arrange unforgettable experiences. Out of the office she enjoys traveling, spending time at the beach and spending time with friends.  

They say:

“From the booking phase 'til the day I left, she was amazing”

Nicole Lemos is the newbie of the agency, but is very much dedicated and eager to learn. As the marketing manager of the team, she plays a crucial role in keeping our sales platforms updated. Born a US citizen, she helps implement new strategies to grow the business and hopes to achieve many goals throughout her career at the company. She also has a fair part to play in the branding, communications and events of the agency. Out of the office she enjoys working and helping the community as the secretary of her hometown Calheta de Nesquim, watching movies and spending time with her loved ones. 

They say:

“She is most definately the right person for the job”